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French Audio Resources

I thought I would share my list of radio stations in French. These are things I listen to, not an attempt at an exhaustive listing at all. I find that listings that are too long are not very useful for day to day access.

Some of my favorites here are
Alouette - simply because it is a local radio station in La Rochelle where I go in the summer. It's what I often hear there.
France Bleu La Rochelle is similar - local radio but with a Radio France infrastructure.
France Culture - I love it!
France Inter - Great for hearing what people think about whatever is in the news.
France Info - for the news. It's what I often have on the car in France.

Do other people have particular favorites that are not in my list?
What are they? Why are they your favorites?

Alouette Radio live dans l'ouest, Ecouter la radio FM en ligne Alouette | Toujours + de Hits !
CHANTE FRANCE - radio fm, chanson française, musique, écoute radio en direct, voyance en direct
Chérie FM : vos plus belles émotions
Virgin Radio : Un Maxx de Tubes ! -
Radio France Accueil
France Info
France Inter
France Culture
France Bleu National - Accueil
France Bleu La Rochelle - Accueil
Le Guide de la Radio La FM à La Rochelle (17)
NRJ musique, radio fm en direct, MP3, fréquences, concerts, actualité musicale, interviews de
Nouvelle scene francaise music - Listen free at
Programmes - Bide et Musique
RFI - Radio France Internationale
RTL info, sports, loisirs et musique
Radio Classique
TOP Variété française Le TOP de la musique Variété française à télécharger sur internet
Yahoo! Music - France
Radio stations online in Quebec
Robert Ponterio :
Modern Languages Department
Co-Owner & Moderator FLTEACH :
Foreign Language Teaching Forum
State Univ. of New York Cortland

For all FLTEACH information see:

Dom's Blog- French resources

Easy Type French Accents software

Figure Out French- blog - Videos

MFL Online website

Speechy Project- links to on-line listening, reading, writing resources

Marie Ponterio- SUNY-Cortland
see Did you know? list at end of presentation

Depends on the level, age and interests of your students, but I think websites that have audio, transcriptions and translations are the best bang for your buck with tons of CI. Here are some of the ones I use with my class:

Le francais interactif
Ma France from BBC.

La Marche de l'Histoire
Les régions Françaises
Le Dictionnaire Visuel

Podcast Français Facile

FLE Video

Google World Wonders Project en français

Real Language Right Away

Culture Pub

Publicités- YouTube advertisement collection

Song with body parts references
TEDx en français
La Quotidienne

Canal Académie- Internet radio / audio
Tour de France- video

Learn French by Podcast // videos, etc.
Music- Quebec
French Vocabulary Tests
Alliance Français Novossibirsk- listening comprehension activities

France Culture- podcasts

Night Walk in Marseille

Apprendre le français avec le cinéma français

Le Cinéma français- Robert Ponterio

École et Cinéma

More than a moving story: a true life lesson.Thank you Francine. #WhatMakesUsHUMAN

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