Introductions to Wikis:

  1. Wikis in Plain English- Common Craft video
  2. Wikipedia article on Wikis.
  3. PBWorks Summer Camp for Teachers and PbWorks Educator Portal (PBWiki changed its name to PBWorks last spring.)
  4. PA CFF Virtual Summer Camps- Wikis (Wikispaces training) (See page comparing blogs, wikis, and Google Documents.)
  5. Wikispaces Teacher HelpWikispaces Teacher Help page
  6. Wikispaces Tour - Wikispaces Help
  7. Digitally Speaking Wiki- a teacher's wiki on using wiki's in the classroom (somebody named Bill)
  8. WetPaint- Wikis in the Classroom
  9. For Teachers New to Wikis--(University of Southern Florida wiki about wikis)

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