Instructions for embedding audio files on wiki page.

Say and Post- record voice message and embed in web page
Voice Thread see links on Tools page
CLEAR- Audio Dropbox
Voki Voki for Education Voki Classroom - Voki Classroom management account
Vocaroo simple voice message recording, record voice and send by e-mail or embed in webpage, or embed "toy" widget for just recording and listening to one's own voice, without saving.

Powered by Vocaroo

Read the Words- type text, avatar voice reads, embeddable
Lingt oral practice assignments and assessment
Voxopop record voices on message board
Elluminate - video/audio teleconferencing
Yodio Yodio is a webtool that allows you to upload a photo and record a voice message to play along with the photo. These Yodio's can be embedded on websites, blogs, class pages, and more.
Yakitome free text-to-speech tool
AudioPal- free audio widget for embedding voice (spoken/recorded or text-to-speech) on web pages
SitePal - talking avatar by same makers of AudioPal, (like Voki)
Gizmoz - animation, record voice and animate photo avatar
ListenUp- voice recorder for websites
YakItToMe- text to speech tool
DivShare- record and upload to embed
Say 'n Post record voice message and embed link
Memoov animation with voice recording
ANVILL- on-line course ware
SchoolShape- on-line language lab and oral exams
My Brainshark- add voice recording to slide presentation
iPadio- 800 number to record by phone- phone casting
Ferlazzo list of on-line tools for recording audio by phone
Ferlazzo on Audioboo to Posterous

Voice to Text tools
Speaks for Itself
OddcastVoz MeYAKIToMeiSpeech


Using audio in the MFL Classroom- Joe Dale blog
Audio in the Classroom- Ed Tech Kit blog

123Listening- create listening comprehension quizzes with audio and worksheets with pictures

"websites where students can record their voices. - there is a educational portion of the website with a lot of great examples for engaging uses, such as a question prompt by the teacher and the students go in and each answer the question. - the students can call in via voicemail and leave a message. - "The students can use their cell phone or land line to call in. I think these sorts of resources are great especially if you don't have access to a class set of microphones.If you need more I have plenty! I hope this helps." source?"

Skype recorders:
Shareware recorders
How to Record Skype Calls: a mini-guide
MP3 Skype Recorder - freeware-- User manual

Video voice messaging- Larry Ferlazzo links
Winkball- video messages, video chat, video blog

Fluency Prof

Speak Everywhere Teacher- $20/yr, Student- $1/week/student
Cool Tools for Schools wiki

Practice Speaking a Foreign Language- prompt tools for on-line chat/conversation

Little Bird Tales

Speak Pipe - add voice mail/comment recording to website

Urturn- formerly WebDocs, create pages with audio

Soundboard with Glogster

Skype video voice mail for audio recording
Sonic Poodle
Twisted Wave on-line, customizable language lab
Educreations- on-line lessons, image, text, audio

ScribJab- make digital books with audio

On-line recording tools article