Instructions for embedding audio in wiki pages
Instructions for embedding audio in wiki pages listening assessment worksheets and audio files
A variety of exercises, some of them are audio clips
Alba Learning
audio clips searchable by proficiency level and language
Audio Lingua
Audio Lingua- various languages audio
Audio-Lingua audio clips in several languages, searchable
AudioPal- record audio (microphone, text-to-speech, audio file) and embed player on webpage, 600 character text-to-voice
Audiovideoteca- poems in Spanish, voice and text, some video
Bite Size Spanish Audio by the BBC -- children's stories in various languages
Books Should Be Free free audio books website, search by language- 48 French, 10 Spanish
Cody's Cuentos fairy tales and children's books read in Spanish, audio for free, transcripts for sale
COSER- Corpus Oral y Sonoro de la España Rural
Cuentos para dormir
dialogues and podcasts, beginner and intermediate
ESE- podcasts from Centro Virtual Cervantes
Expressions in 3 languages
Fluency Prof
GrowStoryGrow - upload music to embed player in webpage
Hablando de ELE - blog of podcast links
Hispanorama- RTVE podcasts
podcasts of stories, incl. all of El Quijote pt 1
i-Catcher- video chat, Spanish and French
Immigrant Archive Project
Instalyrics -- lyrics and youtube links
LangMedia- World Languages Resources- Five College Center
LibriVox- audiobooks, various languages, free
LinkTV- Latin Pulse
Listen and Write- dictation, listening tool
Lyrics Training -- can add your own songs and exercises
MilCuentos- children's stories in Spanish (and Basque)
Natural Soft- voice to text
News in Slow Spanish
Notes in Spanish audio podcasts, three levels, audio free, worksheets for purchase
Podcast Machine record audio and embed player on webpage
Podcasts- French, Spanish with worksheets for listening practice
Radio Ambulante- podcasts
Recursos de ELE- audio
RhinoSpike- "audio on demand", sharing audio, send text, native speaker will record
Text-to-speech tools list
ToonBookReader- Spanish and French cartoon books with audio
University of Texas- Spanish Proficiency Exercises- listening
VeinteMundos- on-line magazine with audio ejercicios de español para extranjeros. Scrambled refranes.
Verbling- on-line conversation practice with partner, 3:00 and 10:00
WordTalk- text-to-speech plug-in for Word
Authentic Spanish- short video clips of native speakers with transcripts
Punto y Coma audio magazine
Habla con Eñe
Authentic Spanish Language
iVoox audioKiosko
Audio Espanhol BH
Tune In Radio French and Spanish
mira estos enlaces
En sintonía con el español (ESE:


StoryKit for iPhone

La Música Habla blog videos with subtitles, but expensive subscription
Radio Rebelde- Cuba on-line, customizable language lab

Learn Out Loud
Open Culture

On-line books about kids with disabilities- with audio
Audio books